Cue the eye-rolling: Doggie Da Vincis

Look, I am all for unorthodox fundraising. If I had enough money to be charitable, I’d certainly be inclined to kinder to creative types. BUT PAINTINGS BY DOGS?

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“Doggie Da Vincis” were Mary Stadelbacher’s way of keeping her dog training academy open. “The creations are rudimentary, to be sure, but the pictures of bright strokes across white canvases are winning fans because of their tail-wagging creators. “Signed” in the corner with a black paw print, 20 of the works are being shown this month at a gallery at Salisbury University.”Alright, I get that fanatical dog-lovers are in a league all their own. And I don’t belong because I only like pictures of puppies playing in fields, and otherwise prefer them to be far, far away from me. But am I the only one who thinks this is just silly?

Doggie Da Vincis: Brilliant, or Dumb?
In order to keep her dog training academy open, a woman in Salisbury, Md taught dogs to paint. Now she is selling these “Doggie Da Vincis“– and people are buying them! Genius, or ridiculous?
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