These Dumb Dogs Are One More Reason To Smile Today

Life is better with dogs! Even when they’re being totally dumb they are completely lovable, entertaining and sweet. We pulled together this gallery of utterly adorable pups to click through and share with your friends to make Friday that-much-better…annnd you’re welcome.

And How Am I Supposed To Live?

  Life hurts. People hurt too. Maybe I’m naive but but I believe in every person. I want to trust you but I know that I have to…


SERIOUSLY!? my god, I’m stuck here trying to do stupid maths homework. It’s so frustrating. I mean, probably most of my class get the work we’re set, and then I’m kinda just sat there like


everyday life #6



Seattle Smackdown: Harry Potter vs. Twilight

Hey, so, what are you doing this Saturday? Have time to be a passionate listener when Team Read puts on a Harry Potter vs. Twilight debate at the Seattle Public Library? Because that’s

Dear Sam & Amanda

Congratulations on covering THE ONE song NO ONE EVER wanted to hear again:

Cue the eye-rolling: Doggie Da Vincis

Look, I am all for unorthodox fundraising. If I had enough money to be charitable, I’d certainly be inclined to kinder to creative types. BUT PAINTINGS BY DOGS?

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