YouTube Wednesday: Never Let This Go...the band that will never let YOU go

nbsp;       Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ blog, I am going to introduce you all to an amazing new punk rock band that…
celindareyes Apr 11, 2014

Ready For More "Punk Goes..."???

I am a huge fan of all of the Punk Goes... records.  I love each band's own adapation of songs that we all know and…
Adriana Apr 01, 2014

Punk Goes 90's.

Fearless Records finally confirmed Punk Goes 90's Vol. 2 to be released on April 1st and revealed the tracklist. From german hits to songs we all…


AN AMERICAN POPROCK FORMED Yellowcard is an American pop punk or alternative rock band that was formed in Jacksonville, Florida way back in 1997 and was…
punkpedia Feb 04, 2014

My Favorite Shots of 2013!

I guess I should jump on the bandwagon and make a post about my favorite shots from 2013. I’m stealing Maysa and Judy’s idea and…
chelseagresh Dec 29, 2013

Music Notes 2/23

Reblogged from breesays Today I come bearing news of new albums! Get stoked! New Metric Album in June!!! Motion City Soundtrack album coming in June, too At The Drive In admits…
oferbrtuv Nov 28, 2013 Originally by breesays

Punk Goes Christmas.

It's almost the time of the year for snow, hot cocoas and...CHRISTMAS! Everyone claiming not to be excited for the holidays is simply not doing it…

Fall Playlist

It is Fall! Or as we say over here in the UK, it's Autumn! I don't know about you but I wait all year for…
Molly-Jane Oct 22, 2013