Festival Files: Vans Warped Tour

I made my return to Vans Warped Tour this weekend! I was so excited to be able to head Chicago for the weekend to spend a great time with tour family and some special people! I actually ended up attending the Vegas date, but due to my work party the next day, I made a quick pop in and pop out. It was great to be able to get some quality hang time with people I hadn’t seen since we packed our bangs to head home from last years tour.

Two companies you should support in the non-profit world of Warped, my pals at Natural High and The Canvas Foundation! I’m so happy I could help Natural High end up on the full tour this year along with partnering with Echosmith. They are impacting the youth this summer in a postive way! Make sure to stop by and see my pal, Ally at The Canvas Foundation. Paint yourself and have a good time.

Fav sets of the day..hmmm. The Summer Set, Issues, Yellowcard and Echosmith! I was super bumped that I missed Bayside, but sometimes spending time with people is better than seeing any band!

Man, Warped is changing or maybe I’m just getting older! I felt it was a little hard to get into some of the bands this year. I fully support those who push their new stuff during the performance, but a lot of us come to hear the classics. Maybe it was just me. I truly love what Kevin Lyman does each and every year. Happy 20th Birthday to a magical tour that brings people together. S/O to everyone who spent the day with me and danced silly to tunes! I love you all! Also, I took some snazzy photos, so watch out for them this week!

SIDE NOTE: My Pals Fellow Threads Join The Tour This Week! July 25-27, Stop By Their Booth and Grab CUTE! CLOTHING! Tell Them I Said HI. Tour Besties For LIFE!

Did you go to Warped Tour this year? Let Me Know!