Timelapse Transitions of a Teleported Time Traveler

Timelapse Transitions of a Teleported Time Traveler from Rybird Music on Vimeo. The ambient groove soundtrack Timelapse Transitions of a Teleported Time Traveler accentuates the mix…
Rybird 2 hrs ago
Decorated Christmas Treespic
Cheboygan Sunsetpic

Cheboygan Sunset

I told you yesterday that I have decided that I won't be returning to my secret spot until hunting season is over!  They are not…
CANDLE 11 hrs ago

Hair Do Day

Today Kay and I headed to the beauty shop so that my friend, Jodi, could work her magic on our hair!  Here are the photos…
CANDLE Oct 28, 2014
Birdie Homepic

Birdie Home

I never saw this nest the whole summer!  Now that it is fall and the leaves are gone... there it is!!!  Does anyone know what…
CANDLE Oct 27, 2014


I am forever changing just where I shoot from !  I am rather happy with how this turned out !  I took it Thursday night…
CANDLE Oct 25, 2014
Precious Boypic

Precious Boy

Well today was my first Friday taking care of Gary in Harbor Springs!  The drive wasn't fun, but it was worth it!  Their new house…
CANDLE Oct 24, 2014


We woke up this morning to a beautiful blanket of frost crystals! Jack Frost definitely stopped by Northern Michigan overnight! This is a good shot…
CANDLE Oct 23, 2014
Another Sunsetpic

Another Sunset

You are probably sick of these, but I have put a lot into capturing the sunsets in my secret place!  It is SO magical to…
CANDLE Oct 20, 2014

Me, As A Photomodel's Photographer

It has been four months since I've took that challenge of changing my way of photographing. Now I photograph models rather than botanic orchids as…
garrickwynne Oct 20, 2014
Christopher Owenspic

Christopher Owens

Live at the Biltmore Cabaret, Oct 8th, 2014


I have been absent and I apologize!  I have been super busy and spent a few days in bed because I was sick!  I have…
CANDLE Oct 16, 2014
All In Your Rows.pic

All In Your Rows.

Hi all, first, thank you Lory for featuring Cuca's photo, this means the entire world to me! :D It's been more than one month - I think…
Halcyon. Oct 16, 2014


Goo Know You Know เรารู้คุณก็รู้ I have turn out to be what I hate. That blogger that always blogs about how a lot they do not…
ignorantstomach84 Oct 14, 2014