Precious Boypic

Precious Boy

Well today was my first Friday taking care of Gary in Harbor Springs!  The drive wasn't fun, but it was worth it!  Their new house…
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We woke up this morning to a beautiful blanket of frost crystals! Jack Frost definitely stopped by Northern Michigan overnight! This is a good shot…
CANDLE Oct 23, 2014
Another Sunsetpic

Another Sunset

You are probably sick of these, but I have put a lot into capturing the sunsets in my secret place!  It is SO magical to…
CANDLE Oct 20, 2014

Me, As A Photomodel's Photographer

It has been four months since I've took that challenge of changing my way of photographing. Now I photograph models rather than botanic orchids as…
garrickwynne Oct 20, 2014
Christopher Owenspic

Christopher Owens

Live at the Biltmore Cabaret, Oct 8th, 2014


I have been absent and I apologize!  I have been super busy and spent a few days in bed because I was sick!  I have…
CANDLE Oct 16, 2014
All In Your Rows.pic

All In Your Rows.

Hi all, first, thank you Lory for featuring Cuca's photo, this means the entire world to me! :D It's been more than one month - I think…
Halcyon. Oct 16, 2014


Goo Know You Know เรารู้คุณก็รู้ I have turn out to be what I hate. That blogger that always blogs about how a lot they do not…
ignorantstomach84 Oct 14, 2014


Know Your Rights is for everyone with an curiosity in pictures. It is supposed to help rookies get began in pictures, and become so good at…
ignorantstomach84 Oct 14, 2014
DIY obsessionpic

DIY obsession

Since last summer (2013) I've been obsessed with DIY and handmade stuff. I rediscovered my passion for knitting and crocheting (which I loved to do…
almondalley Oct 11, 2014
At shooting rangepic

At shooting range

They said I was good only because I had four eyes. It was really nice and exciting day. I get to shoot from handguns (revolver and…
almondalley Oct 10, 2014
Birthday Beautypic

Birthday Beauty

Tuesday was Kay's birthday!  We started out with birthday breakfast at McDees like always! Sadly, a nosy cousin of mine, who means well and I…
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Discovering How Kansas City Photographers Make Their Own Interest Rewarding

Learning How Kansas City Professional Photographers Get Efficient At Their Occupation There was a time frame when the only possible individuals with special camera equipment were…
By Shannon Riverpic

By Shannon River

Hello :)
almondalley Oct 07, 2014