I found out about this on Tumblr because a warning went up about the site in question stealing images from Deviant Art accounts. I went to check just in case and lo and behold, they’d lifted a bunch of stuff from my Buzznet galleries, including a few of my concert shots.

To make matters worse, the site in question is a pretty nasty porn site. So even if I wasn’t protective of my images, this would bother the shit out of me. DNW my concert photos displayed alongside and apparently in promotion of the porn featured on this site.

It’s entirely possible they’ve done the same to other Buzznet users. I’m going to C&P the entire information post from Shensation on Tumblr because it pretty much covers everything (though it specifically states Deviant Art it also applies to Buzznet, obvs.):

there is a creepy porn website raiding Deviantart and posting people’s art without their permission alongside pornographic images. It is doing this to be constantly updating and stay on top of search engines. Luckily they also credit the artists so it is easy to find out if you are on there.

Go here: //

(watch out, it is nsfw)

are you on there? I’m sorry. That sucks.

This lovely person has put together a template on what you can do in this situation to get your artwork off the site. From what I hear, it is successful.

I am on there, and several of my friends. It looks like half of Deviantart is on there. But I sent them an e-mail so hopefully I will not be there long.

Please spread this around so other artists can be warned.

The tutorial from Deviant Art includes a C&D letter you can send to have your photos removed from the website.

If you have accounts on BOTH Buzznet and Deviant Art, which I’m sure many people do, PLEASE make sure you check or, because this IS an adult site and I’m not going to immediately direct minors there, have someone of legal age check for you.

I HOPE THIS HELPS! Sorry for all of this, it supremely sucks and I hope we’re all able to get it taken care of ASAP.

Also, seconding the plea at the end of Shen’s Tumblr post: PLEASE spread the word around and let others know about this.