Crazy For Daisies: 36 Floral-Inspired Looks

As February is nearing it’s end and the city is drowning in an almost record-breaking amount of snow, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Winter is going to last forever. Rest assured, it will not – at least I hope not. With more and more bands announcing Spring tours and Coachella just around the corner, Spring has to come. We need it.

If you’re like me, you’re in a major winter rut. You’ve thrown aside your flippy dresses and crop tops for sweatpants and crewneck sweatshirts and you barely leave the house. Remember that time I said I’d never leave the house in sweatpants? Well, I lied, so much so that I don’t even remember what real pants feel like.

As bitter as I am about how cold it is, there’s nothing that makes it feel more like Spring than a classic daisy print. Maybe I’m crazy, but daisy print is my new neutral. It goes with any type of outfit — whether you’re aiming for summery, feminine, retro, or effortlessly grunge — and something about it reminds me lazy summers spent laying in the grass in boho dresses, running your fingers through your long, uncombed hair, and dipping your toes into a hidden lake in the middle of woods. Okay, I’ve never done that, but it is definitely something I’ve seen on Pintrest and Tumblr, and I’d really like my life to be as pretty and movie-like as a lovesick teenager’s Tumblr page.

Check out the gallery for some of my favorite daisy-inspired looks (and inspirational photos).

What’s your favorite pattern for Spring? Leave your answer in the comments!