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Are you tired of being rudely interrupted with boring ads while streaming music? One minute, you're in your room enjoying the glorious sounds of your…
Tina Oct 21, 2014

COMING SOON: Trumpeter Crystal Torres on When We Speak TV!!!!

Coming soon to When We Speak TV  is none other than Trumpeter, Crystal Torres aka Rovel!!! Stay tuned to When We Speak for the full…
whenwespeaktv Sep 30, 2014

The Cure For Indie Music Obscurity: Nuhuru Longsuffering indie music artists, 10 million strong, may finally have the solution to their number one issue: obscurity. Nuhuru, a fan-centric artist development platform, founded…
musicdish Sep 23, 2014

Musicians Online

The world of high stakes poker and the world of music actually have a great deal in common and the two frequently overlap. It is not…
musiciansonline Jul 02, 2014
Facts about Miley Cyrusvid

Facts about Miley Cyrus

Things you might not know about Miley Cyrus. Watch more videos and read article about your favorite musicians at  
yyaayy May 12, 2014