The Meaning Of Warped Tour

I’m sure we have all been tuning into Warped Roadies every friday hoping our favorite band or bands get announced (I know I have). There has been a lot of buzz about some of the already announced acts and in this I think some of the people have lost sight of what Warped Tour is all about.

Warped is all about going to this mini make shift city and absorbing as much music as you can. You might go into Warped only knowing 2 bands but the goal is by the time dusk hits, you’ve fanned 15 new one’s. You also come out with new friends who you’ve met in the pits! At the end of the day, we are a family. And in the words of Anti Flag “If someone falls down, we pick them up“.

Sure, most people associate Warped with heavy metal or punk music but it has been evolving and we have Kevin Lyman to thank. Some people tend to forget that acts like Katy Perry, No Doubt, Eminem and Kid Rock all have played this festival.

So let’s open our minds and be prepared for another AMAZING summer!