Rihanna & Chris Brown are back together….Abuse Is Not Okay

In Feburary 2009 the entire world found out that R&B singer Chris Brown had beaten up his girlfriend Rihanna after an arguement.I have never respect him as a human being ever since.And the way Rihanna has acted and handled everything her either.I barely even listen to her or his music because of that incident.

Recently I’ve found out what the whole world probably already suspected,that they are officially back togther.It disgusts me.It has disgusted me eversince everyone kept acting like it was adorable.He beat her up,hit her and left her and it’s cute?!Are you serious?!What is this world coming to?Abuse is not okay PERIOD.No matter what.Rihanna is an idiot.Does she even remember that night?You’re back with a guy like him?Really?He has anger issues,made songs that were clearly directed towards you like the beating was your fault,he can’t stands when anyone brings it up like it just never happened but you hit a woman.As a man you’re never EVER suppose to do that.You’re nothing and she is too.She knows there’s millions of young girls who idolize her and she basically just told all of them that it’s okay.It’s okay for a man to treat you bad and stay with him or get back with him after he beats you up.Does she know how many women get killed every year from being with or trying to leave someone who is abusive?Does she even care?Well you know what I barely listen to either of their music so it doesn’t matter.She obviously likes getting hit on and when it happens again I want EVERYONE who thinks it’s cute right now not to say a word….just go “AWWW” like you’re doing now.These two people are horrible examples of how someone is suppose to treat you,what good relationships are.It sickens me honestly.It does.No man should ever physical assault a female.No matter what.I’m sure God doesn’t agree with any of this either.

Wow Rihanna,you’re still in love with someone who did this to you?Seriously pathetic.You’re basically saying that it’s okay for him to put his hands on you.But hey it’s your life,live whichever way you want.And for all those who may get offended I apolgize for being AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

NOTE to all young girls out there and women period….If he truly loves you he would never,EVER put his hands on you.He would never,ever hurt you intentionally.He would want to make you happy,be good to you,protect you with his fists not use them to bruise you.Never forget that ladies.We all deserve a man who treats us right.And good men are stil out here.Never settle.And I mean that.