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Frank Iero Warns My Chem Fans That Leathermouth is a Different Band. Duh.

Frank Iero‘s band Leathermouth has been crazy busy during My Chemical Romance‘s recent hiatus.  Between opening for Reggie and the Full Effect <a

Three Cheers for Sweet Vinyl

As My Chemical Romance continues to taunt us with the NONEXISTENCE of their follow up to The Black Parade, they are at least trying to keep fans somewhat satiated.  After

Mikey Way Speaks: Halloween Comic and My Chemical Romance’s Next Move

With his first foray into comic writing releasing tomorrow as part of DC’s Annual Halloween Issue, Mikey Way finally gives us some details on the plot, as well as what <span

Leathermouth “Catch Me if You Can” ft. Ray Toro

Frank Iero gets his friend (and a guitarist from that OTHER band they’re in together) Ray Toro onstage to play guitar at a Leathermouth gig.

Ray Toro on stage with Reggie and the Full Effect

Ray Toro and James Dewees cuddle onstage during “Asian Lady.” Yeah, no. You totally read that right.

Welcome to the Black Parade at MTV VMA PRE SHOW 2006

The opening bit, where they’re marching…and the close-ups…and the looks on their faces. Say what you will about TBP, the theatre geek in me continues to love it.

Gerard Way Reveals Update on New Album & Other Projects for My Chemical Romance

While fans have waited impatiently through My Chemical Romance‘s self-imposed hiatus, the boys in the band haven’t exactly stopped working.  While they haven’t been concentrating on My Chem, Gerard

New My Chemical Romance Contest: Create a Playlist and Win!

So in case you haven’t yet heard, there’s a new contest to win one of the last ten limited edition copies of My Chemical Romance‘s live CD and DVD The Black Parade…

Reflections on a Black Parade

If I heard My Chemical Romance on the radio during college, I don’t remember it.  Which isn’t much of a shock.  Back then my listening preferences were mostly formed by or based on my boyfriend’s. …

Rip off artists!

So by now, you’ve probably heard about the scandal involving Gerard Way, an independent comic publisher, and The Umbrella Academy.  This comes on the heels of Marylin Manson’s accusations that MCR ripped off his…


Hey!  The auction I blogged about here is live! 

Reserve is $50 AU…which figures out to about $45 US.  If you’re bidding from a country other than Australia and need a currency converter, you’re…

My Chemical Romance “The Ghost of You”

For some reason I watched this video this morning. Apparently because I forgot that it makes me cry. So now I share my pain. Or the humiliation that comes with confessing I cry over a My Chem video.

You too can prevent forest fires…I mean, save lives

There are some fans who talk about how MCR saved their lives.  I’m not one of them, but at the same time I understand how music can do that.  And since that was the goal…

More flavors!

So, guess what happens when Ashly gets so sick and stuffed up she can hardly taste things?

That’s right, she sets up another round of “U HAS A FLAVOR!” polls:



Everyone goes a little wild when the full moon comes out, but these folks take it to an extreme. Sexual prowess is good, but rawhide and flea collars are HARDLY romantic holiday gifts.

Top 10 Hip-hop songs we’d like to see MCR cover.

By we, I mean Christine and I. We are about to take you on a journey. A journey to a place where Gee ends his words with “izzle” and Frankie flashes his grill. Come…

love u frankie

“my cookie??????????”

hi gee..owww

how sweet..