Holiday Gift Guide: Bags That Are Sure To Make You Jolly

Being a purse-fanatic, I always have atleast two or three purses on my holiday wish list. From designer to Forever 21, I love all and any types of bags. Check out some of my favorites for the holiday that you can give someone special (or ask for for yourself)

Get Vanessa Hudgens’ White Hot Summer Bag For Less

Vanessa Hudgens is taking advantage of the summer months by rocking a white bag as her everyday purse. Her tote, by Oroton is sold out (and half a grand), but you can get…

What’s In Bebe Rexha’s Bag

Reblogged from beberexha

Hey Guys! I’ve been traveling a lot this month working on my new music and I thought I’d take a min to show you what’s in my…

Fashion Must Haves

Awesome bits and pieces of Fashionista heaven.

36 Weird & Whimsical Purses

My absolute favorite purse ever (in the shape of a teapot) recently broke, and now I’m desperate for an equally fabulous replacement. I was skeptical about the possibility of ever loving another again, but after doing a bit of research I might have to think again! Here are some of my fav wild’n’crazy purses.

Is that blood on your crotch, or are you just happy to see me?

I almost got this bag yesterday.

@ Urban Outfitters. Because I LOVE big bags… but do you think it’s too… shiny?

Item of the Day: Erotokritos Handbag

Yeah, this one nearly falls into the unattainable category because of it’s price tag, but I expect a knockoff shortly:

<div style="text-align:…

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