Is that blood on your crotch, or are you just happy to see me?

This blog does a much better write up of the situation, but I just wanted to take a chance to applaud the students of that school, both male and female, for protesting this bullshit situation. Rebellion has, in many ways, become passe in our current environment. Speaking out against unfair policies has been frowned upon in recent years, to say the VERY least. So for an entire group of young students to stand up for themselves and their right to privacy, this is huge.

Also, might I throw out a suggestion to the school? Limit the size of purse that girls can carry. Trust me, it’s hard to fit an AK-47 in a clutch. I’ve tried.

What are you opinions about policies like this in schools? Have you or did you ever face a similar situation? What does this really say about the paranoia of modern America?