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Would You Want A Song Written About You?

Lets face it, every girl dreams of the day when a talented musician writes a song about her. We of course all want that song to be happy and about how secretly in…

Interview with Tom Higgenson of The Plain White T’s

Tom talks feelings about “Big Bad World,” his duet with Meg & Dia, and his fav albums of 2008.

Denny’s Rock Star Menu Revealed

Oh man, it’s really awful to read about food when you’re starving. Anyway, has anyone yet to experience Denny’s Rock Star menu? Because Idolator wrote about it and um, it sounds kind of good.

Rock Band Live Tour with Dashboard Confessional & Panic at the Disco

FOE and Buzznet are ecstatic to announce the Rock Band Live Tour with Dashboard Confessional & Panic at the Disco featuring Plain White T‘s and

Plain White T’s Begin Recording; Take Responsibility, Exchange Favors With Pete Wentz


The Plain White T‘s headed into a recording studio Monday to begin hashing out major label release numero dos, set to hit shelves on September 24. You…

Ashlee Simpson breaks out new single: Little Miss Obsessive

Ashlee Simpson‘s new single, “Little Miss Obsessive” is a duet with Tom Higgenson of the Plain White T‘s– and…

Plain White Ts cover ‘Beautiful Girls’

By Sean Kingston

Kanye & Wino ruling the Grammy noms

I’m STOKED that two albums I constantly listen to are leading the pack this year– Kanye got 8 nods, Amy Winehouse got 6. They’re both in the…

Plain White Ts – Our Time Now

There’s a newer version of this video on Absolutepunk! But I like the song so this will have to do

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