Would You Want A Song Written About You?

Lets face it, every girl dreams of the day when a talented musician writes a song about her. We of course all want that song to be happy and about how secretly in love they are with you…. Right? I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite songs written for the lovers of our favorite musicans.

Hey Katie-Josh Kelly: This song was of course written about Katherine Heigl, when he was trying to land the love of his life! Shaping up my heart for all the love I’ll be giving to you. I knew it from the start,The staring role for my movie was you.”

Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s: Written about a girl (Delliah) who Tom fell hard for. Unfortanley, she had a boyfriend at the time but Tom swore he write a song about her one day. They’ve remainded friends since then.

Home-Michael Buble: One of my favorite songs… Michael wrote this song about his Fiancee while he was on tour in Europe. He would write her little notes from hotel stationary but never actually sent them. His manager encourage him to write a song.. BAM! A beautiful hit was made

Uptown Girl-Billy Joel: Written about his former girlfriend, Elle Macpherson.

Sweet Child O’Mine- Guns N Roses: Written by Axel Rose about his then girlfriend. Such a Great song!

Photograph- Def Leppard: This song was written about Marilyn Monroe, believe it or not. Joe Elliot didn’t just want to stare a picture of her. He wanted her to be his.

Your Body Is A Wonderland-John Mayer: Rumored to of been written about Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Let’s Chat Music: Would You Want A Song Written About You?

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