Luck Of The Irish: St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration

Whether you’re Irish or not, there’s always time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! From all things green to the glitter to the, well…drinking games, there’s something for everyone on this magical day. If you’re not in the St. Patty’s spirit just yet, our gallery might help you get into that lucky mindset!

Question of the Day: Was There Ever A Time You Felt Really Lucky?

Since tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day (well at least for little ol’ egocentric me), I decided to make a QOTD that was based on the holiday. Rather than talk about green M & M’s or…

QOTD – Are Some People Luckier Than Others?

This QOTD is brought to you by Sany, Metal God Of Germany. She wanted to know if some people were luckier than others and stuff like that. What do you think?

Here’s a picture of…

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