Question of the Day: Was There Ever A Time You Felt Really Lucky?

Since tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day (well at least for little ol’ egocentric me), I decided to make a QOTD that was based on the holiday. Rather than talk about green M & M’s or snakes or whatever else, I have decided to make today’s question about luck.

This is a frog. It’s small and lucky it is not smashed. Oh and it’s green. Photo: Niqya

There have been times in my life where things probably should’ve happened to me but they didn’t. You know, like very obvious outcomes but then for whatever reason, they didn’t.

One time, I was riding my bike near a construction site. They had this huge fence up with a dumb plastic tarp on it so that you couldn’t see inside. This fence/tarp monster was right on the corner, so I couldn’t see traffic coming the opposite way.

I was sort of timing the light and when it turned green for me, a car kind of just kept going and I hit it. HARD. I kind of dented the side of the rear door and popped off my bike. There was a loud crash sound and I fell on me bum. I broke my iPod. Oh and my wheel was all taco’d and my fork for my bike too. SADFACE. The car stopped and we exchanged info but since I hated talking on the phone, I never answered when his insurance called.

I probably should’ve died. It was pretty wild. Everyone from all the stores/construction site came out and made a huge circle around me when I was sitting on the floor wondering “what is my life even?”

This was how I felt inside:

But mostly I just made this face and stared at everyone:

And when they asked me if I was okay, I was all:

Pretty lucky, y/y? I would tell you other things but they involve police and me running and I probably shouldn’t really. Anypoop, what about you? Do you have any stories where you were max lucky? If you don’t, you can tell us your unlucky dramz and we won’t judge.

Ever feel lucky?