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Hair Chameleon: Kelly Osbourne

There are few people who have changed their hair more than Kelly Osbourne! Personally I think she’s a hairstyle queen since she can easily rock so many different cuts and colors. I put together an evolution of Kelly’s hairstyles for you to admire and even attempt to duplicate! It’s hard for me to chose a… More »

Our 43 Favorite Gwen Stefani Looks Of This Year

Gwen Stefani turns 43 years-old today — yeah 43. The stylish musician/fashion designer has had a big year with the return of her band No Doubt who released their first album in 11 years — Push and Shove. She is currently gearing up for a new tour and has never looked better! To say I… More »

Style Icon: Felice Fawn

Photographer and model Felice Fawn, age 22, from London, England is extremely talented. I stumbled across her while browsing tumblr one day and the first thing I noticed about her was that her style is to die for and she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Cher Lloyd Style.

Anchors Away: Lady Gaga Shows Off New Tattoo!

Lady Gaga has just as many tattoos as she does awards – and Mother Monster is constantly adding to the collection! The 26-year-old entertainer has been spotted getting inked up by

Kreayshawn Goes Hard

I have an insane guilty pleasure for Kreayshawn. If you haven’t heard of this diamond in the rough, you’re worse than I am when it comes to rap artists. Her most well known song, “Gucci Gucci” was basically my summer anthem last year. Could not stop saying “ONE BIG ROOM, FULL OF BAD BITCHES” and… More »

Call It A Curse! Or Just Call Me Blessed – Marilyn Monroe Tribute [50th Anniversary]

Here I am with another and completely different video.
Since I always loved Marilyn Monroe, I thought…

Call It A Curse! Or Just Call Me Blessed – Marilyn Monroe Tribute [50th Anniversary]

Here I am with another and completely different video.
Since I always loved Marilyn Monroe, I thought…

Style Icon: The Veronicas

Musical twins Jess and Lisa Origliasso, better known as The Veronicas, are also known for their coveted style. I can’t say i am a fan of their music, in fact it makes me want to block my ears, (mainly because it’s played on repeat everywhere) but i do have to give them kudos at times… More »

Style Icon:Audrey Kitching

Audrey Kitching is designer, hair stylist, makeup artist, model, and Buzznet correspondent Residing in Los Angeles, California. she is a fashion icon has a unique and original style, since I can remember I’ve always loved Audrey! and to date still, her pink hair is what I like about it is amazing! which is your favorite… More »

Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe! We Will Never Forget You!

86 years ago was born a little baby girl, her name was Norma Jean Baker, she always has been fascinated by cinema and she always desired to be a star. But I think she will never thought to become the most beautiful woman of all the time. The whole world knew and still knows her… More »


Different strokes for different times. Which do you prefer? The great divas of Hollywood, the top models of yesterday, today, the most charismatic singers and even the most influential fictional characters. They all belong in this theme that pays tribute to the iconic hairstyles in history. We selected 25 hair easily recognizable by all, for… More »

Style Icon : Natalia Alaverdian

Never heard of her before? Well, don’t feel clueless cause you’ve definitely seen her popping out from the coolest street style blogs. The Sartorialist, Stockholm Streetstyle, Trendycrew, they’ve all spotted her and her chameleon sense of style. Natalia Alaverdian is a stylist and fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar Russia and was called the new Giovanna… More »

Style Profile: Carrie Anne Moss

As promised here it is a new gallery dedicated to one of my fav brunette actresses, I’m talking about the Canadian Carrie Anne Moss, well-known as Trinity in the sci-fi Wachowski’s brothers movie The Matrix (one of my addiction). For me she is not an awesome actress (I’ve seen all her movies) but she has… More »

Style Icon: Marilyn Monroe In “How To Marry A Millionaire”

Last night I watched one of my fav Marilyn’s movies, “How To Marry A Millionaire” and I have to say I’m really fell in love with the outfits worn by my diva and also the ones worn by the other two actresses: Lauren Bacall (Humphrey Bogart’s wife) and Betty Grable, especially when they walk on… More »

Style Profile: Nina Dobrev [Happy 23rd Birthday!]

I thought to create this gallery just for Nina Dobrev’s 23rd birthday. She’s my new inspiration and if you don’t know who she is yet, you never have watched “The Vampire Diaries” tv show, she’s the fabolous Elena Gilbert, (Katherine Pierce’s doppelganger) disputed between Salvatore’s brothers (Damon and Stefan). I really love her style, it… More »

Happy Birthday Britney Spears: 32 Of Her Most Beautiful Smile Ever

Today is such a sacred day, 32 years ago a little star was born, her name is Britney Jean Spears and in the last 15 years she’s one of the biggest female pop artists of the whole world, she sold over 200 million of copies worldwide, received tons of awards and she has a star… More »

Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale Tour // South American Leg

Nov 15, 2011 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil VIDEOS Nov 18, 2011 Sao Paulo, Brazil PHOTOS VIDEOS Nov 20, 2011 La Plata, Argentina PHOTOS VIDEOS Nov 22, 2011 Santiago, Chile PHOTOS VIDEOS Nov 24, 2011 Lima, Peru PHOTOS VIDEOS Nov 26, 2011 Bogotá, Colombia PHOTOS VIDEOS Nov 28, 2011 Caracas, Venezuela PHOTOS Dec 01, 2011 Guadalajara,… More »

Britney Spears Performs In Abu Dhabi, UAE on Nov 11 // Special Femme Fatale Tour Date

In occasion of the FORMULA 1 Car Drift, Britney performed in Abu Dhabi, UAE before to leave for South America, for her last trance of her huge and sensual Femme Fatale Tour. Not all the artists have the pleasure to perform here, but not all the artists are Britney Spears! Check it out this amazing… More »

Forever Fashion Icon: Liberty Ross

British beauty Liberty Ross has been one of my favorite models since I was a wee awkward teen, gazing lovingly at the glossy pages of my mom’s Vogues. Her unique face and androgynous style made her one of the most interesting catwalk strutters of her day, and her personal style is pretty awesome too. Check… More »