Call It A Curse! Or Just Call Me Blessed – Marilyn Monroe Tribute [50th Anniversary]

Here I am with another and completely different video.Since I always loved Marilyn Monroe, I thought to create a video tribute in occasion of the 50th anniversary of her death.On August 5th, 1962, the woman who went to bed with only some drops of Chanel n°5, has been found death in the bedroom of her Brentwood house. Cause of the death: an overdose of barbiturates. Still now it’s not confirmed has been a suicide but someone thinks she has been killed. Marilyn Monroe could have anything, but she was so lonely and she only wanted to be loved! If I could, I would like to come back in time and have the pleasure to meet her and know her too. I think she was such an amazing woman and freaking beautiful. The beauty of those year was so different to the one of nowadays! I always loved her beautiful smile and her fragility!I reflect a bit in her and she definitely is my woman myth!After 50 years she still loved and a lot of people are inspired by her.She will live forever and I think she is glad she is remembered after a lot of years.

RIP Norma Jean

Love you!

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