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My poor snowdrops were buried under a few feet of snow for 2 months and I thought they would never grow and get flowers this year but here they are looking all cute : )

March 8th – Woman’s Day

Best wishes to all the women of the world.

Remember this day as social, political, economic women’s conquests, to the discriminations and abuses which they are continuing…

Current Obsession: Floral Shoes!

It’s almost spring, so I feel my new obsession with floral shoes is quite appropriate.  I’m so excited to wear lighter clothes, brighter colors and prints. Which of these floral shoes would you wear?  Check…

Irregular Choice SS11


Dad’s photo diary – Bled’s Lake

When I was in Catania, the last July 16th, my parents with their friends were at Bled’s Lake, my dad loves photography even though he isn’t a photographer as a profession, but he has style,…

Floral Fairy Tale

Rihanna’s outfit from a recent show at the X-Factor.

Lovely! Florets in the head just fine! Looove with it. And interesting dress by William Tempest



About 3 weeks ago one of my best friends in High School sent me an email through the website Classmates. It had been at least 44 years since we have talked to each other but we’re making up for lost time. We have talked for hours on the phone and it’s amazing how much she… More »



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