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Mario Pena Editorial: Deconstructed Flower

I shot this with the talented Mario Pena and he did all the post work with real flowers… such an awesome technique! clothing topshop / vintage

Floral Headband Mania!

I personally love anything floral: shirts, skirts, headbands! You name it, I’m sure it’ll be something I’m dying to put in my wardrobe! One of my favorite items of clothing is a floral vest top I picked up in Primark for something silly like £3 about three years ago! I don’t know what I’d do… More »

DIY: Flower Basket Bike

I saw this image online and it has been haunting me ever since! I needed a pastel bike with a flower basket. The issue is they don’t really exist ha! I made my own, I bought a basket on Amazon and covered it in flowers! The perfect project as a goodbye to Summer / hello… More »

Love In Her Heart, Flowers In Her Hair

Y’know what today is… WACKY HAIR WEDNESDAY! Ah, I love nothing more than themed days of the week. Anyway, this gallery is full of flowers headbands, and flowers in hair because nothing in life is better than cute hair and pretty flowers. Am I right, or am I right? So, check out this gallery of… More »

Vogue Korea Amazing Prop Editorial

This editorial from Vogue Korea is so amazing. It makes me want to build a grown up teepee with flowers and magazines and hide out in it all day! How beautiful is this, really am I alone on the teepee thing?


I tried to put together some photos of how I spend my summer. I think this shows how it is here I don’t go on vacations since I have a lot…

August Inspiratons!

just started the month of August! and it is my favorite because it is the month of my birthday (the day on August 2), this month fills me with inspiration dce all my favorite things, like, hair coloring, pastel, pink, purple, pretty things, flowers, expansions, tattoos and much more I love, and here they share!.

Flowers everywhere

One of my favourite trends for this season are clothes with floral pattern. They all look so summery and fresh.You can get floral patterns in many different styles so the clothes suit your mood, personality and the occasion. Here are selected floral clothes.

My Favorite Flower Crowns!

I think that flower crowns were one of those trends that was supposed to die, but I am still loving them and just got a new white one and a new pink one. I just love the idea of having a crazy day and then throwing a little flower crown on, instantly makes me feel… More »

Lovely Laurels

The perfect weather we’ve been experiencing lately has me motivated to make more floral crowns this summer,And just in case you’re interested in DIYing your own, you can find our instructions here.

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Fashion In Film: Daisies – Floral Headbands & Panda Eyes!

For today’s Fashion in Film segment, I’d like to discuss the movie Daisies. It’s a 1966 Czech film that is considered a milestone in modern surrealist cinema (and also happens to be in my top 5 of favorites)! It follows two teenage girls who engage in strange pranks as acts of rebellion against the world… More »

50 Of The Cutest Rain Boots!

They say that April Showers bring May Flowers. In my case they bring a dorkable rainboots of every color. These boots actually make me wish it would rain more. I miss having seasons on LA. Where are you guys? Are you getting April showers? Which boots would you rock? xx! ps. make sure to go… More »

Soak Up The Sun – Weekly Fashion Inspiration

With summer just around the corner.. It’s time to get inspired for the hot weather! From cut-offs to flower crowns.. Lets do this summer up! xoxo

Weekly Inspirations

My weekly inspirations include unicorn clouds, skateboarding in heels, shoe addicts paradise, pink pills and Chanel flowers! What’s inspiring you at the moment?! LAST WEEKS INSPIRATIONS

Miista’s Mexican-Inspired Lookbook

Fashion’s current fascination with Mexican culture and Frida Kahlo and religious iconography is spreading, and I’m thrilled about it. This gorgeous, colorful lookbook by Miista has all of it. Prepare for flower overload. //

DIY: Floral Headpiece

After seeing a few beautiful pictures of Buzznet’s own Audrey Kitching sporting a beautiful flower headpiece, I decided to do a little research. I wanted to know where you could buy one, and then I thought –Why not see if you could make them? I came across a website that showed me how to make… More »

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden: July 21st, 2011

Despite triple digit heat, Ms. Snowth and I choose to visit Phipp’s Conservatory in Pittsburgh. This was not one of our brighter ideas. We only made it half way through, but I got you some pictures. And you don’t even have to look at them half way, you can see the WHOLE THING.


I went outside to get some fennel for my caterpillars and spotted lot’s of flowers and thought i would bring some in. My Stella D’oro Lilies, Blackeyed Susans and Lavender called out to me and said “PICK ME” !!!! : D


Since we had some horrible weather this week I thought I would post this photo I took a few weeks ago. These Coral Bells are gone now but they do look pretty when in bloom : )


Yes your reading that right, it’s a store that makes flowers out of fruit !!!!! This store is new in our town and they have some interesting stuff. I haven’t been inside but just reading the posters sounds interesting and YUMMY : ) View in full size original : )