Share A Tune: The Crown Smoke Season

I feel as music fans, it’s always important to share. Share what you’re listening to. Share what you discovered. Share a new tune. I always love getting suggestons on Twitter from my follwers or…

Style Profile: The Lucky Crown

I was never a huge fan of flower crowns – until I heard of The Lucky Crown. Lola from Orange County, CA has captured the art of the perfect flower…

Does Justin Bieber Consider Himself Royalty?

Justin Bieber has a beautiful girlfriend (Selena Gomez), an amazing career and above all he has talent, but has all this gone to Justin’s head? Does Justin Bieber really think he should be…

DIY – Lolita Crown

Hi BubbleGoth Babies! I made this cute Lolita crown last night and took pictures throughout the whole process to show you how to make one for yourself! I got inspiration from this awesome designer Apatico; she’s on DeviantArt, check her out. Inspiration: WHAT YOU NEED: – Cardboard, foam, felt, plastic that you can cut–anything you… More »

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