DIY – Lolita Crown

Hi BubbleGoth Babies! I made this cute Lolita crown last night and took pictures throughout the whole process to show you how to make one for yourself! I got inspiration from this awesome designer Apatico; she’s on DeviantArt, check her out.



– Cardboard, foam, felt, plastic that you can cut–anything you have available to make this crown out of. Just make sure the material’s not too soft.

– Glue or a needle and a thread (depending on the material you’re using)

– Embellishments

You can attach the crown to anything. I cut another cardboard circle and put a ribbon between the base of the crown and that cardboard circle. Then I let it dry and I could nicely tie it around my head.

Hope you make one and if you do, show off your crown by sending it to us at



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