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Another Fairy Tale Gets the ‘Twilight’ Treatment in ‘Red Riding Hood’

It seems like it’s really hard for a teen drama to avoid getting compared to Twilight these days.  After all, there’s been stories with love triangles and pining, angsty teens before sparkly vampires entered the…

Talking Love and Twilight at the Paper Heart Los Angeles Premiere

Backstage at Young Hollywood with Twilight.

The director Catherine Hardwicke and Kellan Lutz. They were biting each others necks when I walked by haha. Who is your favorite Twilight character?

Catherine Hardwicke Not Directing ‘Twilight’ Sequel

In news you may or may not care about, “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke got the boot so she will not be the big boss when it comes to making, “New Moon.”


Twilight DVD to Fill In the Blanks with Midnight Sun Scene

While Twilight hasn’t even hit theatres yet, director Catherine Hardwicke is already talking about the DVD’s special features.  Start salivating now, Twilight fans, because she’s giving you more Edward Cullen for

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