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Kids In Glass Houses: 2012 In Review

With no new music expected, many fans thought that 2012 would be a quiet year for Kids In Glass Houses – but they were wrong as it turned out to be yet another busy period for the five piece. If we’ve learnt just one lesson from 2012, it’s that when Kids In Glass Houses say… More »

Celebrity Funny Faces Of 2012

2013 is almost here! The nominees and predictions for the new year are already rolling in, but before we say hello to 2013, let’s stop and remember 2012. One of our favorite things to look back on to remember 2012 is celebrities making hilarious faces! Whether intentional or not, these photos had us laughing our… More »

Taylor Swift’s Best Red Carpet Poses Of 2012 (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift is almost near annoying perfection. Her gorgeous blonde hair is never out of place, she is immune to pimples, she has the body of a model, looks amazing in sparkles, has a perfect pout, can rock red lipstick, looks classy in everything she wears and treats her fans like angels. Above all, the… More »

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