Kids In Glass Houses: 2012 In Review

With no new music expected, many fans thought that 2012 would be a quiet year for Kids In Glass Houses – but they were wrong as it turned out to be yet another busy period for the five piece.

If we’ve learnt just one lesson from 2012, it’s that when Kids In Glass Houses say they’re playing “one of the last shows in a long time”, they don’t really mean it after we saw ‘one-off’ gigs become a regular fixture.

As for 2013, the Welsh rock band’s only confirmed appearance is for the Isle of Wight Festival in June. However, if these next six months pass silently, a lot of hats will be eaten. Although after a year of touring, torch-bearing and re-releasing, nobody could blame them for taking some time out.

Check out the gallery below to remind yourselves of what KIGH got up to in 2012.