Taylor Swift Reveals She Once Almost Quit the Music Industry

It seems as though the infamous Taylor Swift and Kanye West feud will never be over. Swift is Rolling Stone magazine's latest cover star and she opens up about how it made it seriously consider quitting music altogether.

During the interview, she opened up about the struggles in the music industry and how they've affected her. When asked whether her highly publicized feud with West made her consider quitting music she said she'd "thought about [it] a lot".

"People had so much fun hating me, and they didn't really need very many reasons to do it. I felt like the situation was pretty hopeless," Swift told Rolling Stone.

She says it took a lot of self-examination to pull through the overwhelming amount of hate.

"So I try to self-examine, and even though that's really hard and hurts a lot sometimes, I really try to understand where people are coming from when they don’t like me," says Swift.

It's been a while since all the drama went down and since then Swift has realized she needed to "grow up". She realized she shouldn't allow herself to be so influenced by other people's opinions.

"There's a part of me that definitely is always going to be different," says Swift. "I needed to grow up in many ways. I needed to make boundaries, to figure out what was mine and what was the public’s."

Whoever's side you were on during the feud, hopefully this means that it's finally been put to rest.