Jessica Alba’s Childhood Dream Was To Be An Actress, So Where Is She Now?

Jessica Alba’s entrance into Hollywood was the kind of story most kids dream about. Her talent carried her in front of the screen right away. She climbed the ladder through her adolescence and grew up into a gorgeous star by the time she was a young woman. However, her lack of screen presence in recent years has some fans asking where she went. It turns out that Jessica hasn’t gone anywhere. Read on to find out how she transitioned from the “It Girl” to someone we don’t see on the big screen too much anymore.

Frequent Moving At A Young Age

Jessica Alba was born in Pomona, California in 1981, to parents who have served in the U.S. Air Force. Her mother’s Danish, Welsh, German, English and French ancestry combined with her father’s Mexican descent gave her a look that’s hard to pin. This racial ambiguity would help her as an actress in later years but she sometimes wondered what community she belonged in.

Teenage Jessica Alba on the beach
Heidi/ Pinterest
Heidi/ Pinterest

Jessica’s family moved to Massachusetts when she was an infant, then back to California, then Texas, and finally to Southern California permanently when she was nine.