These Celebrity Weddings Had Their Fair Share Of Mishaps

Stars! They’re just like us! Even if their weddings might have million-dollar budgets and be in lavish locations with A-list celebrities filling the pews, there’s still always a chance things will go wrong.

From royal weddings to reality TV royalty, celebrities are not exempt from wedding mishaps. Two celebrities on this list actually managed to set their own dresses on fire, so even though your husband’s best man had one too many drinks before making his toast, you can take comfort in knowing that even celebrities’ special days don’t always go exactly as planned either!

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson

jessica simpson and husband Eric johnson
Photo Credit: Instagram / @jessicasimpson
Photo Credit: Instagram / @jessicasimpson

During her 2014 nuptials to hubby Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson made a minor misstep when she said the wrong name during her vows to Johnson.

Before you jump to conclusions, she didn’t say the name of another man, nothing that exciting. Simpson was just so nervous that instead of addressing Eric in the vows, she actually said her own name! An easy moment to laugh off, and the rest of their wedding went off with no issues.