6 Sure Signs Your New Love Interest Is A Keeper

If relationships were easy, we’d never have to talk about potential red flags, disappointment, jealousy, or letting someone down easy. Even though love can be a battlefield, there are a handful of times when you truly spark with someone special. It can be just as nerve wracking when this happens, because after so many hits to the heart, it can leave you feeling on edge that the person you’re falling for is going to be the next person to break your heart. But before you start falling into pre-despair, check out these signs that your potential permanent plus one is one you can count on keeping.

1. They do what they say they’re going to do. 

They text when they say they’re gonna text. They don’t forget your plans and follow through on promises they make to you.

2. They call you on the phone.

In this day and age it can be alarming when someone actually picks up the phone and makes the effort to CALL you. This is awesome because it means they want to hear your voice and make their communication more personal with you.

3. They make plans with you during the day.

This may sound silly, but a lot of times the person you’re “dating” is actually just someone you’re “hooking up” with. If your new love interest wants to see you during daylight hours, they’re definitely invested in getting to know you better.

4. They want to get to know your friends.

Anyone who is serious about you is gonna be serious about getting to know and getting along with your friends.

5. They have seen you in the morning before any make up, primping or even teeth brushing and still call you gorgeous. 

This is someone who you should never let go. If they don’t need to see you all made up in order to be attracted to you, feel free to throw out your make-up bag right now…lol…kidding.

6. They aren’t shy to post about you on social media.

It could be a snapchat or an insta post, but if they are freely giving you space and time on their social media platforms, they’re yours.

7. They surprise you with cute gifts. 

It could be flowers or just a cute little trinket, but if they take time to pick up a special little prezzie to surprise you, it’s a flashing lit up sign that they are in L-U-V with you.