How You Know Your Ex Is Truly Over You

Yeah yeah…break ups suck. They suck especially hard when your ex starts dating someone new. However, just because they’re hanging out with a fresh face doesn’t mean they’re totally over what they had with you. The hints will be heavy if they’re still interested in knowing your comings and goings, which will give you an undeniable feeling of satisfaction. Then down the line you’ll wake up one day and realize it’s been a minute since you felt they were still “checked in” to your existence. If this is you, peep these signs your ex has finally and officially checked out, and considers your former a coupledom a true thing of the past.

1. There is no trace of them stalking your social media.

You used to see them occasionally watching your snapchats or liking a stray Instagram post here and there, but now it’s tumble weeds.

2. There is no trace of you on their social media.

On the flip side, you may have been checking their social media…you know, just to see if they were still posting things that lent major potential for you to heart it (ie: a spot you both loved to hang at, slang you used together, a #FBF or #TBT that included you). Now their feed is nothing but pics of them and their friends, funny memes, posts that reflect their interests, and flirty things directed at someone else.

3. Posts about a new crush is flooding their feed.

On the “someone else” tip, your ex has made a lot of effort to post and tweet about a new crush. This might sting and won’t feel awesome even if you feel mostly over it, but if they’re posting up a storm to get a set of eyes other than yours on their social media, it’s an obvious sign they’re no longer harboring #feels for you and what you had.

4. They no longer attempt to reach out.

Before, it wouldn’t be a total surprise if you checked your phone, only to find they texted you a blatant lame excuse to reach out. These days your last text convo is at the bottom of a seemingly endless list of convos with other people, and upon closer inspection realize it’s been months since they tried to say hi.

5. Their close friend(s) are now trying to spit game at you and hang out.

If your former flame has solid dude friends, you know none of them will attempt to cross the “just friends” line with you unless they’ve got the green light from your ex. In most cases, it’s never a good idea to get involved with any of your ex’s friends, but if they’re sniffing around, you can consider it confirmed that your ex has fully moved on.