9 Signs Your Ex’s Friend Is Crushing On You

Break ups are never easy, especially when you’ve bonded with their BFFs. Being single again suddenly draws invisible lines you aren’t sure you’re supposed to cross, like staying friends with you’re ex’s buddies. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but if you do end up grabbing coffee and chilling with your ex’s BFFs, be careful of the following 9 signs that they’re having some serious fuzzy feelings for you.

1. They start picking up the tab every time you hang out. Anyone that starts paying for everything when you’re chilling is a sure sign they think you’re the bees knees.

2. When on vacation, they make the extra effort to write you postcards and text you. No one actually writes a postcard and finds a stamp on vacation unless they’re thinking about you a lot.

3. They flat out tell you how cool they think you are. When feelings can’t be held in, you know they’re strong.

4. You begin to notice they make excuses to have casual physical contact with you any chance they get. A hug, a playful bump or poke are all just excuses to get close to you.

5. They aren’t shy to tell you what a babe you are. They could play it off like it’s JUST a friendly compliment, but in reality they are dropping a pretty heavy hint here.

6. Your ex’s name is rarely ever mentioned…if ever.

7. You realize your ex doesn’t know that you and his bestie are hanging and talking. If his bestie isn’t being open about his friendship with you, it’s likely because he’s trying to hide his crush from your ex. Also, when your ex does find out, he’s def not happy about it.

8. Your hang outs start to become really “datey.” To clarify, this BFF somehow manages to make something mundane into something cute and fun that only a couple would do together.

9. They avoid talking about their dating life. Anyone crushing on you isn’t about to start detailing their current status.