7 Reasons Being Single At The Holidays Is So Chill

Sometimes being single at the holidays can start to feel a little lonely. Well, the grass is always greener, as they say. Just talk to some of your coupled up pals as they plan for holiday visits and gift buying and the general insanity that comes with the season. Before you lament your single-ness, here are seven reasons being single during the holidays is so chill:

Pack on the holiday pounds – When in a relationship, you’re always towing the line between keeping it tight and gaining the dreaded “relationship weight.” Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum, when you’re single you have zero fucks to give! Eat a second piece of pie. Go buck wild at Christmas dinner. Hide your holiday gut under a baggy sweater and get back to normal come 2017.

No family obligations – If you’re coupled up, the holidays become the land of compromise. Whose family will you be spending these precious days off with? Will you be traveling to Aunt Margie’s house in the middle of nowhere where you’re not allowed to share the same bed or will you be drinking yourself silly with Grandpa Joe? Are you going to be having the time of your life in your hometown or keeping your liberal opinions to yourself in his or her neck of the woods? All the stress, questions, planning, and travel is null and void when you’re beautifully solo.

A much shorter gift list – Your bank account is purring like a kitten thanks to your single status. You don’t have to go all out buying the perfect gift for your mate, plus his family and his extended family and his doggie. Take all that extra cash and go on vacation!

You can do whatever the F you want – Seriously. We mean it. You can truly do whatever the F you want as long as it’s legal. You can embrace YOUR traditions, YOUR travel desires, YOUR favorite restaurants, YOUR favorite corny holiday songs. You can be oh so selfish and have the best time ever.

Wear all the cozy PJ’s your heart desires – No need to impress when you’re single and loving it. Embrace all your favorite pajamas. Keep it cozy and let all your weird single behavior shine.

Go trolling – Let’s be honest… most people tend to be in pretty stellar moods around the holidays. Let’s chalk it up to the heavy drinking and sugar highs and general ‘treat yourself’ mentalities. As such, meeting new people and potentially locking down a fresh,  new romantic partner is much more likely.

Opportunities for romance await – Yes, as mentioned above, the holidays are a killer time to meet new people and find a world class slam piece to call your own. But beyond the whole romantic partner thing, you can also find plenty of just glorious, romantic moments rolling solo. Go see your town’s biggest Christmas tree. Enjoy a hot chocolate. Take yourself to the movies. Walk around the mall with your BFF and people watch. You’ll love every second of it.