8 Ways To Prep For Extended Holiday Family Time

It’s turkey week, it’s turkey week! Honestly, Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays. For the next week, you’ll gather with friends and family to stuff yourself silly and talk about all the dope things in your life you’re extra thankful for. What could possibly go wrong? Well, besides tummy aches, acid reflux, and spontaneous bouts of turkey-fueled napping, there is the whole… spending days upon days with your family. Even if you have the world’s greatest relationship with your parents, siblings, and extended family, it’s easy to get in quibbles and frustrating arguments. As you gear up for your Thanksgiving gorgefest, here are eight ways to emotionally prepare for extended family time:

Meditate on it – Hit a restorative yoga class or practice some mindful meditation before you start your holiday travels. A clear and positive head space will help you stay on the sunny side.

Watch feel-good holiday movies – Get yourself in the spirit! Watch some feel-good holiday flicks that will warm your heart and remind you how awesome your whacky family is.

Remember to go with the flow – Easier said than done, but for a few short days, be a YES person.

Book your own accommodations – More often than not, sleeping arrangements can add to the family stress and grumbles. If you can, try to book your own accommodations in advance that are private and away from the rest of the family.

Invest in games – The best way to keep the good times rolling is activities. Buy some board games and card games to bring to Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect way to have all the family time and all the fun.

Set ground rules – After a tumultuous election, most conversations are getting super political and super heated. If you know your family disagrees on hot button issues, set ground rules in advance and vow to avoid those topics at the dinner table.

Exercise – Exercise naturally energizes you and just makes you feel killer. Leading up to the holidays, stay on your exercise routine so you’re physically prepared for all the fam time and eating.

Embrace the “Holiday Spirit” – When all else fails, embrace the holiday spirits. Don’t go overboard or anything so you’re all lit up and saying things you regret, but treat yourself to a festive spiked cocktail or two to keep it chill.