The Conversation Everyone Who Dates A Bad Boy Has With Themselves

I will be the first to raise my hand and admit Ive been a sucker for hot bad boys. They’re fun, exciting, always seem to smell good, keep you on your toes and eventually break your heart, because no matter how much you give, they are never emotionally available to reciprocate equally.

It sucks and it’s incredibly hard to let go of them, especially when your chemistry is through the roof. I’ve dealt with a healthy handful of bad boys and been able to get past the sting of disappointment when it doesn’t work out. The funny thing was it didn’t matter how different these bad boys were from each other, I always had the same conversation with myself when dating them.

1. OMG he’s such a babe. He has to be “the one.”

2. I love that I’m seeing someone and we’re on the same page.

3. I just didn’t like when he…

4. It’s cool, no one is perfect.

5. Hmmm I don’t like this whole “not responding” thing he’s pulling.

6. Oh god…we’re not on the same page!

7. He probably just wants to keep it “casual,” that’s cool. I can do “casual.”

8. “Casual” sucks.

9. If I say something it’ll definitely be over.

10. So what? I deserve so much more!

11. There are so many other guys I could be dating.

12. Yeah, but I’m not.

13. Fuck.

14. I wonder if he’s seeing other girls?

15. I hate this!

16. I need to break things off. It doesn’t feel fun or good anymore.

17. Ok I’m gonna send the break up text.

18. Ok I’ll do it tomorrow.

19. **reads draft text the next day** Oh god, I was being so dramatic! LOL I’m not sending that text.

20. I’m gonna just be “casual” and not read into anything.

21. I can’t help but read into everything.

22. FML

23. Ooh he texted!

24. Definitely not breaking things off.

Ugh! These days I’m better at breaking things off the second they start to feel shitty than make excuses for bad behavior, and TBH I’m so much happier and feel a sense of empowerment every time I choose my emotional health over a bad boy.