10 Things You Think When Your Crush Likes Your Friend

Crushes are tricky. They can hit you hard and fast, only to fizzle out as quick as they came. They can be unrequited, or if the stars are aligned just so, work out and blossom into a relationship. However, the worst thing you can deal with when you have a crush is finding out the object of your adoration has the feels for your friend. It sucks, and these are 10 things that go through your mind when hit with the emotional blow.

1. LOL…what? No way…wait…seriously??! OMG.

2. OMG I wonder if she likes him too?

3. When and how did this happen?!

4. I love my friend, but seriously why does he like her and not me?

5. I didn’t miss any signs of flirting on Instagram…did I?

6. I will absolutely die if they start dating.

7. Wait…my friend wouldn’t do that to me…right?!

8. I hate him.

9. Can’t a crush work out for me ONE time? This is so unfair.

10. Who else can I crush on?