5 Reasons Why Alone Time Is Good For You

I’m not entirely sure why the notion of being alone has such a stigma around it, but chances are if you feel like being alone is a nightmare, you need a reality check, boo! As an introvert myself, my alone time is very precious to me and if I don’t have at least an hour to myself every day, I’m not very fun to be around. There are tons of benefits of having some time for yourself! Let’s look at five reasons why all that solitude is good for you!

You get to learn about yourself.

Sure it’s great to be surrounded by your friends, but after a while it starts to feel as if you’re not really learning anything about yourself. It’s in those quiet moments where you start to notice things about yourself that you tend to shrug off when there are people around.

You’re able to develop your own interests.

It’s fun hanging with your buds but have you ever noticed that you sometimes tend to go with the flow, i.e. whatever they want to do? Spend a day wandering around a new place by yourself, go see a movie you’ve been dying to see or discover some new music!

It gives you time to recharge.

Before I even knew what an introvert was, I often wondered why I always felt so drained after being around other people. This had nothing to do with them – I love my friends dearly – but I often wondered if maybe there was something wrong with me. After I learned about the world of introversion, I finally had an answer that made sense. Everything I was feeling was normal and valid. Sometimes we get peopled out and the best way to recharge is to spend some quality time alone.

It allows you to be more mindful.

Being mindful of my surroundings is very important to me. I can pretty much determine whether or not I’m going to feel comfortable in a certain atmosphere within minutes. Being mindful also allows us to think about other things besides ourselves. Ever just stare out the window at the birds and the trees? Sometimes a small activity such as that can give you a confidence boost.

It forces you to become less dependent on others.

When you’re constantly surrounded by people, you tend to blend in and go along with the crowd. Some people can’t even go to the restroom by themselves! It’s not easy depending on others and the best way to avoid all of that unnecessary drama is to not partake in it in the first place. Destiny’s Child taught us to be independent so it’s about time we made them proud. It’s definitely okay to ask for help every once in a while, but remember that you’re more than capable of handling things – even the little things – on your own.