7 Humidity Problems Every Girl Can Relate To

If you live anywhere that isn’t the desert, summer humidity has quickly become your greatest enemy right before mosquitoes. I mean, you know when people say the struggle is real and they’re actually talking about something just sort of unpleasant, but not that difficult like having to go to brunch hungover? Yeah… humidity is an actual struggle, especially if you like looking somewhat put together and you prefer not sweating balls all day and night. Luckily, we’re all in this together. So, here are seven super lame humidity problems every girl can relate to.

1. The Frizzy Hair. Your hair coupled up with humidity suddenly becomes a bird’s nest and it’s not exactly couture. Let’s give props to all the gals that have fashioned chic hairstyles to disguise the frizz reality.

2. The Face Sweat. You know when you’re having a conversation with someone on a humid day and all you can think about is how your upper lip, temples, and chin are sweating? I mean in a perfect world, face masks would be a summer trend.

3. The Wrinkled Clothes. Ah, yes. There’s nothing cuter than throwing on your favorite summer dress, sitting in the hot, humid sun and then standing up to reveal the entire backside of your outfit is a wrinkled disaster.

4. The Never Ending Post-Shower Sweat. What a sensation! Everybody loves getting out of the shower and no matter what you do you can’t stop sweating because it’s so GD humid. What a treat.

5. The Blowdrying Your Hair Odyssey. We all know trying to do your hair on a humid day is a losing battle, but still we forge ahead and convince ourselves our hair will cooperate. Then you start blowdrying and you’re a hot, sweaty mess that gives up halfway through.

6. The Makeup Drip. Ladies, let’s just embrace the no-makeup look forever because if you’re rocking foundation, concealer, mascara, or really anything that isn’t waterproof, the humidity is going to make sure that shit drips right off.

7. The Boob Sweat. You thought boob prison couldn’t get worse, then you feel that boob sweat trickle and you curse all of society for making bras a THING.