9 Tips For Keeping Your Summer Romance Casual AF

Summer is here! As you prepare for another season of BBQs, pool hangs, day drinking by the beach, and adventures with your pals, the idea of a summer romance is probably on your brain. Finding a great person to be “cool for the summer” with is tight, but when you’re just looking for a fun little fling, it’s important to tow the line between being your amazing, carefree self and being kind to another human being. If you’re gearing up for a summer romance, here are nine tips for keeping it casual AF:

1. Avoid Excessive Sleepovers. Sure, maybe you’re super chill and you don’t get attached easily, but the more you share a bed with someone the more likely you are to grow feelings whether you want to or not. Keep it casual by avoiding sleepovers.

2. Ration Your Time Spent Together. Sometimes a summer romance can spiral out of control and accidentally get intense if you find yourself spending every day and every night with your guy or girl.

3. Text As Little As Possible. Text messaging is not your pal if you’re trying to stay causal. Use texting as a practical form of communication for making plans, not to talk all day and tell each other how much you miss the vibe when you’re apart.

4. State Your Position And Stick To It. Let’s not be cruel here, people. When entering a summer fling, state your intentions from the get go and don’t waiver! You don’t want to give someone the wrong idea.

5. Don’t Meet The Parents. I mean, obviously. Unless you’re falling in love and ready to make the leap from summer fling to full-blown relationship… keep the parents out of the equation.

6. Don’t Keep Things At The Other Person’s Place. Don’t leave the toothbrush or the PJs or the face wash. If you sleepover with your summer fling, embrace the walk of shame because that’s what’s up.

7. Avoid Candlelit Dinners And Trips To Bed, Bath, & Beyond. If you’re looking for dates and a companion for your household errands, make plans with a platonic friend, not your fling.

8. Stick To The Present. Don’t let your mind wander to the end of the summer or what your life could look like with this other person. And whatever you do, don’t make future plans past Labor Day with your summer lover.

9. Be Kind & Honest. Always and forever. Don’t lead your summer love on. Maybe don’t factor the word ‘love’ into the equation. Be upfront and have fun and make sure you protect two hearts, not just your own.