12 Signs You Have An Unhealthy Obsession With Your Phone

It’s probably hard to imagine the “Good Old Days” when cell phones were a luxury and text messages cost $0.10 each. In 2016, we’re all completely glued to our smartphones like little technology zombies! If you’re wondering if you’re that person, here are 12 signs you have an unhealthy obsession with your phone:

1. You Won’t Let Anyone Else Touch It. It’s Yours ALL Yours.

2. You Photo Album Is Filled With Hundreds Of Selfies.

3. You’re Always Winning “First Like” on Instagram Because That Feed Is Refreshed Every Few Minutes.

4. Your Phone Is Glued To Your Hand Constantly.

5. You Think You Mastered The Art of Having A Live Conversation While Typing On Your Phone and Your Friends HATE It.

6. Anytime You Hear The Text “Ding Sound” In Public You Get Really Excited.

7. You Have An App For Literally Everything.

8. Your Text And Email Response Time Is Practically Immediate.

9. You Sleep With Your Phone On Your Pillow.

10. You Can’t Go To The Movies Without Checking Your Phone A Few Times.

11. Once You Left Your Phone At Home And You Basically Had A Meltdown.

12. That One Time Your Screen Broke And You Thought You Lost All Your Photos Still Haunts Your Dreams.