12 Signs You Have An Unhealthy Obsession With Your Phone

It’s probably hard to imagine the “Good Old Days” when cell phones were a luxury and text messages cost $0.10 each. In 2016, we’re all completely glued to our smartphones like little technology zombies! If you’re wondering if you’re that person, here are 12 signs you have an unhealthy obsession with your phone: 1. You… More »

World Premiere: Starving In Suburbia!


An eating disorder is not just about wanting to be skinny. It’s about control. We all feel so powerless…

New Music Obsession: De Verre ‘MAD’

Hey Music Junkies,

A friend of mine who also works for SPIN showed me this video and I LOVE IT! So I had to share…enjoy!

Trend I Love: 27 Multi Finger Rings

I have to admit I am still not over my knuckle ring obsession that I discovered last month. I have however recently fell in love with multi finger rings too! These are so fun and the perfect accessory to any outfit. These rings are just enough to add that little something to your outfit! You… More »

February Inspiration: Charlotte Free Rocks Pink

No matter how much we try to be anti-Valentine’s day or love ourselves more this time of year, we can’t get away from one thing…PINK! I’m a fan of pink..especially for hair! I’ve had some crazy colors in the past and Charlotte Free has been an ongoing obsession. This month she makes me want my… More »

Current Obsession: Melting Tights By Urb Clothing

I recently discovered these amazing “melting” tights from Urb Clothingl. These eye-catching tights offer the illusion of slime dripping down your legs! They’re probably some of the wackiest things I’ve seen in a long time and I absolutely love them! Each pair is unique and hand slimed with a layer of Latex and baby powder…. More »

BUZZNET Obsession: Jessi Jae Joplin Rocks Favorite SpiritHoods (VIDEO)

My current obsessions at the moment are: SpiritHoods! I’ve recently spotted celebs and fashionistas wearing them at various events and music festivals.  They are a…

BUZZNET Obsession: Jessi Jae Joplin Talks About Hot Topic (VIDEO)

Hey everyone! Check out my latest obsessions from Hot Topic! I’ve always had a secret love affair with this store and I’m ready to share with you a…

BUZZNET Obsession: Dani Vitale Shares Favorite Hot Topic Products (VIDEO)

The first of the many BUZZNET OBSESSIONS! It was so cool of Hot Topic to be apart of our first of many episodes! I get to show you what I am currently…

BUZZNET Obsession: Lola Blanc Shares Favorite Hot Topic Products (VIDEO)

Hey guys! I went over to the Buzznet video studios this week to show y’all a few things that I’m obsessed with right now, with a little help from our friends at Hot Topic!

Style Icon: Fifi Lapin

My new current obssesion in the fashion world is a bunny. She kinda has my dream closet and im a bit jealous. Fifi Lapin is an extremely stylish rabbit. She loves nothing better than spending her time shopping, browsing fashion magazines, shopping and attending the opening of an envelope. Follow Fifi’s Blog HERE

Oh What’s That? Honor Society Has More Free Music?!

Here’s a Tuesday night treat for you all!

Since Honor Society is my August pick for Artist Of The Month, it is my duty to bring you all things HS!

Andy agrees with this…

Mike Bruno’s Summer Of Love Tour Diary: First Day Jitters (Blog 2)

Helloooo! Michael from HONOR SOCIETY checking in from the road. We have officially joined the Summer of Love Tour as Special Guests!

Show #1 Los Angeles, CA:

There’s nothing quite like playing the…

Maxi Dresses: I Love You!

Ok, probably you already know about my new obsession since I talked about it in one of my last daily post: maxi dresses. I really wanna have some of them! If I have to be honest I love them all: totally white or with any other colour, with flowers, with striped bright colors, with abstract… More »

Total Inspiration: Aura Dione

I love this girl! Aura has sooo wonderful voice and appearance. Also she has an amusing manner of dressing) What do you think? TOO EXTREME or COOL?

Jessie J Increases Security After Fan Breaks Leg to Be Like Her

Jessie J is reportedly devastated that a teenage fan is so obsessed with copying her that she broke her leg in order to emulate the star.

Remember, the ‘Domino’ singer suffered…

New Obsession: Hair color

This month I entered very curious about the hair with various shades of colors, I love how they are mixtures of color, like pink with lilac, turquoise or purple, so I decided to paint my hair of my favorite colors pink and purple.

Question of the Day: What’s Your Crazy Obsession?

Do you remember when “Obsession” was a cologne/perfume or whatever that was and the commercials were in black and white and didn’t have anything to with whatever was being sold?

<p style="text-align:…

Honor Society Found Love In A Hopeless Place

Check out this sweet cover that Honor Society just posted! They’re covering our favorite bad girl, Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’. Can you say Swoon? First Janes Addiction now RiRi! 

<embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/iLGaZtgGz4Y?fs=1"…

Exclusive Interview With Michael Bruno Of Honor Society: ‘Deserted’ Is The Next New Song

Ladies, please hold your ‘fangirling’ until the interview is over 🙂 Mike Bruno, the lead singer of Honor Society, gave Buzznet the inside scoop on tour, the next demo they’re releasing and the story behind the song’s accompanying artwork!

I first met…

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