10 Reasons To Be Really Excited For High School Musical 4

It’s official, High School Musical is coming back with a fourth installment of the wildly popular franchise of the mid-aughts. While it’s unlikely the original cast will be back in leading roles (following Disney’s announcement that they are conducting a nationwide search for fresh new faces to star), there are still more than a few reasons to be totally pumped on the HSM reboot!

1. A brand new cast means hot new stars to obsessively follow and get to know.

2. Catchy new songs you’ll be singing 24/7/365.

3. Dance sequences you’ll be practicing and perfecting with your friends to post online.

4. A fourth movie means it’s totally ok to pull out all your old HSM swag and put it back on display.

5. Just because the old cast likely won’t be front and center doesn’t mean there’s not a possibility of some seriously awesome cameos.

6. If you’re an aspiring actor, Disney really wants you to audition!

7. Fans will get to know East High’s rivals, the West High Knights!

8. With the story centering around high school rivalry, there’s potential for a West Side Story romance.

9. Set in present day with all the new technology and apps we use everyday, it will be interesting to see how they play into the storyline.

10. It gives you reason to marathon all three existing HSM movies over and over while you wait for the fourth film to be released!