Proof Selena Gomez Makes An Appearance In ‘What Do You Mean’ Video

It’s been super exciting to see Justin Bieber back and top of his game. With new music and a hot new video for “What Do You Mean” it appears as though he’s come out of the darkness and has left all the toxicity in his life which took him away from the real things he needed to be prioritizing.

Hate to say it, but his relationship with Selena Gomez was a dark time in his life and by all accounts we’ve been under the impression that he’s been over her for a while now. Well, turns out that’s not true after Belieber’s spotted a very telling sign in the “What Do You Mean” video.

After close inspectionof the final scenes of the video when Justin is partying in a graffiti filled room with friend and video love interest, fans spotted Selena’s name spraypainted in large red and white letters.

Ooooh! Let’s hope Justin continues to use his music as a source of healing and doesn’t slide back into the bittersweet back-and-forth with Sel.

Who do you think Justin should date next?