6 Slang Terms That Need To End With The Summer

In today’s social media run world, there’s a zillion hashtags, millions of ways to use emojis, and more slang terms circulating to express how you feel than any of us can count. However, there are six which top the list as the most over used and ridiculous that I feel need to be retired along with the summer season.


When someone says something like, “That cupcake tho…” What is tho? What is anyone really trying to say? If anyone is going to use this correctly, the spelling is T-H-O-U-G-H, but I guess everyone is too lazy to add that extra “UGH”…which is the sound I make everytime I hear or see someone use this.


There is nothing about this term that sounds cool. I know it started with a viral video of Peaches Monroee being excited that her eyebrows looked amazing, but fleek reminds me of flake which makes me think of dandruff. Anytime I hear or see “On Fleek” it’s like immediate skin crawling all over my body. Time to get “On Point” back in the mix. We’ll all sound better for it.


I’ve decided to officially ban this word to describe any group of friends, family, pets, etc. I’m sick of Taylor Swift‘s girl group being described as her #SQUAD. Like seriously…shut up. I’m adopting “crew” and “gang” from now on. It’s a little grittier, and doesn’t sound like a pretentious group of kids with too much money.


I hate this because there are women in the world who are named Felicia. I’d be so upset it if my name was adopted and used in such a negative and dismissive way. And really, what the hell did Felicia do that was so bad in the first place?


I wouldn’t have an issue with this if it wasn’t always attached to what other people have, #FriendGoals #RelationshipGoals #HairGoals…how about we all stop having the goal to achieve what someone else has? It’s not bad to want things, but when it becomes all consuming that everything is hashtagged GOALS, it makes me think people are losing sight of the real important things in life.


Again…too lazy to add that extra letter to have it pronounced “babe?” No wonder the English language is so hard to learn. With people dropping letters right and left from words, it’s basically impossible to understand what anyone is saying. “Bae” sounds like an annoying face you see and all you want to do is slap it.

What slang term do you wish would go away?