Meghan Trainor Spills On Bashing Skinny Girls

We all know Meghan Trainor is by no means fat, nor is she super model skinny. She’s a well proportioned girl who has curves and sang to the rooftops about embracing full bodied beauty in her smash hit, “All About That Bass.”

While many loved the anti-fat shaming anthem, a few choice parts seemed to slant in the direction of skinny shaming. It irked enough people, that when Refinery 29 caught up with the pop-singer, she used the opportuinity to set the record straight on lyrics she feels may have been taken out of context.

“Yes, a lot of people told me I was bashing skinny girls. When you start to find success there are always going to be critics, no matter what your message is,” she shared. ““All About That Bass” is all about loving yourself for who you are and feeling confident in your own skin. That’s the message of the song that I want people to leave with and one that I hope that fans are taking to heart.”

Yeah…kinda figured Megs wan’t trying to shame anyone.

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