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Hot Or Not: Meghan Trainor Goes Back To Blonde

Meghan Trainor is just the cutest. The Grammy winning pop-artist churns out catchy tunes, is never without a thousand watt smile, and has managed to remain humble throughout all her success. So when she dyed her signature blonde strands a burnt auburn color, fans freaked, fell in love with it, and it’s been the new normal… More »

5 Reasons Meghan Trainor Rules So Hard

Meghan Trainor exploded onto the pop scene with her 2014 mega hit “All About That Bass.” Maybe at first you thought she would be a one hit wonder, but then she straight up schooled you. I mean, in the last couple years this 22-year-old diva has just been in the business of crushing left and… More »

5 Bangers That Will Dominate Your Summer Playlist

Now that summer has begun, it’s time to get your BBQ/pool party/beach day playlist on lock. Summer playlists are that special unicorn of sound meant to keep the vibes positive and the good times rolling. You can throw in oldies, hip hop hits from the ’90s, and current radio singles to the delight of your… More »

Top 5 Best GRAMMY Moments Of 2016

The 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards were last night and, while in my humble opinion, I thought it was lacking in a lot of departments, you can’t deny the memorable and heartwarming moments that took place on stage by music’s biggest stars. I’ve narrowed down the top 5 best moments below for you to re-swoon over… More »

Meghan Trainor Spills On Bashing Skinny Girls

We all know Meghan Trainor is by no means fat, nor is she super model skinny. She’s a well proportioned girl who has curves and sang to the rooftops about embracing…

LISTEN: Meghan Trainor’s New Single Lips Are Movin’

For many of you, Meghan Trainor‘s summer smash hit All About That Bass was one of your top songs for the Summer and you were probably thinking that would be the last you herd from…

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