Well I know I promised you I would post a blog of any photos I got. It wasn’t the year for my Squirrels to carve the pumpkin they have pretty much ignored this poor sad PUMPKIN !! It’s pretty moldy now so I’ll be cutting it up and get the seeds out and dry them if they are still good. Anyhow this is where it starts …….

I had a hard time finding a pumpkin this year towards the end of October but I finallly got one at my supermarket it was one of the last ones there. I think I just waited too long I should have bought a big pumpkin and let them at it before Halloween. So I cut some eyes and a mouth in it and the squirrel finally came and checked it out ……

I guess he was shaking his head NO !!

But we all know Squirrels can’t resist the temptation 😀

I guess he got a seed …….

Then the pumpkin Coughed up a Squirrel Tail …….

And he left for good and never came back 🙁

So I decided it was time to move the pumpkin elsewhere so I took it to the front of my house ….

There I had some corn cobs that weren’t very good so I shoved one in the pumpkins mouth and still had no action until THIS !!

I think it was looking a little guilty, but that was the end no pumpkin carving so far unless when I look outside in the morning and the pumpkin might look a little different 😀

I hope you like what I did get photos of until the next time. With these crazy squirrels nothing is out of the Question 😀