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Next Level Pumpkin Carvings To Make Your Jaw Drop

There’s nothing that get you in the Halloween spirit more than getting your hands into the ooey, gooey guts of pumpkin carving! There’s no such thing as a bad pumpkin carving, but there are some creatives who have gone above and beyond the typical triangle eyes and crooked mouth to creative pumpkin masterpieces worthy of awards…. More »


Well I know I promised you I would post a blog of any photos I got. It wasn’t the year for my Squirrels to carve the pumpkin they have…


Well it did try a little carving but gave up, I’m sure there will be more action soon and I’ll try and capture the whole Artistic Endeavor by my SQUIRRELS 😀 Mouth and Eyes by ME of course View in full size original

Cassadee Pope And Dani Vitale Carve Pumpkins & Talk Halloween

Happy Halloween! Last week I got to hang out with Cassadee Pope and carve some pumpkins at the Buzznet office. It took us a while to figure out what we were going to carve. Both of us are True Blood fans so I decided to do the logo from the show. Cass chose Gizmo! We… More »

Fight the Capitol Via Your Pumpkin With These ‘Hunger Games’ Carving Patterns

I’ll admit it: I don’t actually know that much about The Hunger Games series other than it’s popular, Mark liked it, there’s some intense shipping wars in the fandom and it’s similar to but…

Pumpkin Carving 101 + The Great Pumpkin Carving Contest

One of the greatest things about Halloween is the pumpkin carving. Hacking at something with a sharp object until it resembles something you like can be very therapeutic. It’s like plastic surgery for your feelings instead of your face. Since we here at the Buzznet office want you all to join the festivities with us,… More »

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