Amanda Bynes Shoplifts, Attacks Pedestrians, And More In New York!

Poor Amanda!!!! Amanda Bynes left California after her DUI to get away in New York City for what we thought was for some peace, but instead it has been to cause a catastrophe! In the past few weeks, Amanda has reportidly done all of the following things in New York:

-She has rode her bike into pedistrains and on coming traffic

-Brought back her infamous twitter, where she states her plans to go to NYU or Columbia University and sue In Touch and Star magazine

-Confroneted fans at parties who took pictures of her, even going so far as to attack one fan!

-bump elbows with one pedestrian on an empty street and continue to walk and ignore them

-walked around Bloomingdales with only one shoe

-attempted to steal a 200 dollar hat from Barneys and a 128 dollar shirt from Pookie & Sebastian

After she is done there the city that never sleeps is going to need a long nap!

What do you guys think of Amanda? do you think she is ill, completely normal, or has other motives behind her recent string of crazy behavior?