Amanda Bynes Shoplifts, Attacks Pedestrians, And More In New York!

Poor Amanda!!!! Amanda Bynes left California after her DUI to get away in New York City for what we thought was for some peace, but instead it has been to cause a catastrophe! In the…


Well this ISN’T going to end GOOD 😀

20 Hot Celebs In Uniform

Judging by the title of this alone…need I say more? In honor of this wonderful holiday, Memorial Day, I decided to put together a gallery of some celebs we love in uniform! Enjoy! Let me know which celeb you think is the uber hunk!

Amanda Bynes Gets in ANOTHER Car Accident (VIDEO)

What a girl wants… is probably a driver. Amanda Bynes was in an accident last night, making this her fifth auto incident in the last six months, KTLA reports. The actress was rear…

Did Justin Bieber Get Pulled Over For Looking Too Young?

Maybe Justin Bieber shouldn’t have a song called “Baby” if he doesn’t want to be seen as one! TMZ reports that Justin was driving with his friend Sean…

Police Outsmarted by Cat. Not Cat BURGLAR. A Cat.

Anyone who owns a cat knows exactly how they can be.  Sometimes they are our favorite fuzzy companions who curl up next to us and demand attention, because, hey, stupid human, you are READING…

There is no line anymore

Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.
-“Boondock Saints”

My father and my grandfather were…

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